Office Hours

Tuesday 11 am - 12 noon
Wednesday 2 - 3 pm
Friday 9:30 - 10:30 am
email office hours 9 am - 10 pm daily

Other hours by appointment
Try just dropping by the office, too!

May 1 - July 20 by appointment only

If I'm not in the office (RAC 128), KSC 410, KSC 430, or the NMR room, I may have gotten lost heading to the restroom. Following the trail of coffee stains on the floor in the hallways
often leads directly to me.

In any event, I can always be reached at
david (dot) green (at) pepperdine (dot) edu

I can sometimes be reached at (310)five06-4355


ext. 6719 on campus.
(Please do not phone for homework questions or sales)