General Chemistry II Lab

Chem 121L


Because chemistry is an experimental science, the opportunity for hands-on experience is integral to understanding the material and the way in which chemistry is done. It is in the laboratory where participants learn the practice of chemistry; that is, techniques, methods, observation, systematic data acquisition and analysis, etc. The laboratory augments and is augmented by the lecture.

While the major foci are on the basic principles of chemistry and the analytical methods necessary to explore these principles, the specific goals are that every participant will…

...recognize that chemistry is an experimental science and, as such, cannot be completely mastered without also engaging in the “hands-on” aspects of lab.

...recognize and appreciate that there may be multiple approaches to the solution of a problem and that there may be a “better” approach which is different from that learned in the past.

...understand that success in this course depends, in part, upon a working knowledge of the mathematics of chemistry as well as the chemical concepts underpinning the problem at hand.

...understand that success in this course also depends, in part, upon the dedication and commitment of each person to work cooperatively with their laboratory team.