Personal Data

Office Address: Pepperdine University
Humanities/Teacher Education Division
Malibu, CA 90263
(310) 506-4183

Degrees and Credentials

Ph.D. Education, Stanford University, 1979

M.A. Religion, Pepperdine University, 1975

A.M. Education, Stanford University, 1969

A.B. English, Occidental College, 1968

Standard Elementary Teaching Credential

Standard Secondary Teaching Credential: English and Social Studies

Standard Supervision Credential K-8

Standard Supervision Credential 9-12

Administrative Credential, K-12

Community College Teaching Credential: Philosophy and Religion; Language Arts and Literature; Humanities, Education, and Professional Education


Professional Experience

Professor Humanities and Social Science/Teacher Education Divisions
Courses Taught: The Great Books Colloquium I, II, III, IV, V; The Individual and Society; School and Society; The Teaching-Learning Process; Curriculum and Methods; The Hidden Curriculum; Issues in Sports; A Social Science Perspective on Film; African American Films; Intermediate English for International Students; The Teaching of Reading; Human Values and Behavior; The Collegium; Softball, 1980 to present
Division Chair Social Science/Teacher Education Division, 1986-1991
Assistant Principal Half Moon Bay High School
Principal Pilarcitos High School
Cabrillo Unified School District, 1976-1980
Teaching Assistant/ Research Assistant - Stanford University (also taught fourth grade at Ruskin School), 1973-1976
Creator/Director Experimental High School, Rowland Unified School District, 1971-1973
Teacher/Counselor Vista High School, Lynwood Unified School District, 1970-1971
Teacher/Coach W.C. Overfelt High School, East Side Union High School District, 1968-1970

Awards and Recognitions

 Blanche E. Seaver Professor of Humanities and Teacher Education, 1999-present

 Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, Fall 1998

 Harriet and Charles Luckman Distinguished Teaching Fellow Award, 1993

 Selected as the Resident Faculty Member for International Programs

Heidelberg, 1985-1986

London, 1992-1993

London, Summer 1996

Affirmative Action Chairperson, American Education Research Association (AERA), Division of Curriculum Studies, 1983-1985

Sigma Chi Omicron Humanities/Teacher Education Professor of the Year, 1996-1997

Sigma Chi Omicron Professor of the Year 1996-1997

ARETE award for Teaching



Creating the Winning Game Plan Corwin Press/Sage Publications 1999

What It Means To Be A Teacher (under review by Corwin Press)

 Professional Journal Articles and Reviews

"Bibliotherapy in the Dean’s Office," Education West, Vol. 4, No. 4.

 "Citation Studies: Influential Curriculum Writers," Journal of Curriculum and Supervision, Summer 1986, Volume 1, Number 4.

 "Classroom Games and How to Play Them," High School Journal, October-November 1984.

 "Curriculum Development and Nature: A Cautionary Tale," Environmental Education and Information, July-September, Volume 15, Number 3.

 "The Dangers of Christian Education," Mission Journal, October 1985, Volume 19, Number 4.

 "Dealing with Change," Thrust, October 1984, Volume 14, Number 2.

 "The Dearth of Mirth in the Classroom," Record, Winter 1984, Volume 20, Number 2.

 "A Discourse on Jurisprudence," Inside Liberty, February 2002, Volume 16, Number 2.

 "How the Social Environment Influences Curriculum Changes," Doctoral Dissertation, Stanford University, 1979.

 "How the Social Environment Influences Curriculum Changes," Catalyst for Change Volume 27 No. 3 Spring/Summer 1998

 "Issues of Justice," Teacher Education Quarterly, Fall 1991, Volume 18, Number 4.

 "Leading the Maieutic Seminar," Teaching Great Books Journal #1, Winter, 1999

 "Lesson Plans from the Hidden Curriculum," Mission, August 1984, Volume 18, Number 2.

 "Machiavellian Maxims," Thrust, November/December 1982, Volume 12, Number 3.

 "Making Small Groups Work," California English, November-December 1988, Volume 25, Number 5.

 "Moral Education," paper delivered at the Pepperdine Christian Scholars Conference, Summer 1986. Basis for article in Ethics in Education.

 "Moral Education," Ethics in Education, January 1989, Volume 8, Number 3.

 "Moral Education Through Value Experiences," separate acceptance of "Moral Education" article, Faculty Dialogue, Spring 1989, Number 11.

 "Notes from a School Teacher," a book review, Educational Leadership, November 1986.

 "Pacing the Curriculum in the Context of School Realities," a book review, Networks, Volume 5(1) March 2002.

 "Research on the Read-A-Long Format," Teacher Education Quarterly, Winter 1987, Volume 14, Number 1.

 "Review of Curriculum and Cognition," Art Education, January 1983.

 "Stand and Deliver," (a film review) Educational Leadership, November 1988, Volume 46, Number 3.

 "Students of the 1960s vs 1980s: A Report of Teacher Perceptions," High School, March 1986.

"A Teacher’s Exceptional Use of Classroom Time: A Caveat," Record, Fall 1989, Volume 25, Number 1.

 "Teaching in the 1990s," Teacher Education Quarterly, Spring 1996, Volume 23, Number 2.

 "What is Reality?" Record, Summer 1985, Volume 21, Number 4.

 "What the WASC Report Couldn’t Say," Thrust, September 1986.

 "Whether to Use True/False Test Items" (Robert M. Escudero), Educational Research Quarterly, September 1996, Volume 20, Number 1. (Reprinted in Research for Education Reform, Volume 5, No. 2, 2000.)

 "The White-Black Problem," Master’s Thesis, Pepperdine University, August 1975.

 Other Writing and Presentations

"Augustine," 20th Century Christian, July 1988.

"Censorship," Obscenity: Censorship or Free Choice, William Hamling, editor, Greenleaf Publishers, San Diego, 1971.

 "College Tips," College Digest, Fall 1986.

 "Common Faults in Teaching," Instructor.

 "Coping with Despair," Power for Today, July-September 1981.

 "Disillusionment," 20th Century Christian, July 1984.

 "In Search of My Lost Sense of Humor," The Door, January/February 1991.
 Miscellaneous Tips in Teaching," Instructor.

 "A New Old Pattern for Classroom Interaction," Learning Magazine, April 1986.

 "Nice or Candid," 20th Century Christian, March 1987.

 "On Growing and Maturing," 20th Century Christian, August 1981.

 "On Hope and Patience," 20th Century Christian, August 1981.

"Race Relations," Mission Journal, May 15, 1987.

 "Speaking Stars," Scholastic Voice, November 17, 1989, Volume 74, Number 6.

 "Teaching," Presentation to the California District Attorney’s Association, 1988.

 "Teaching Great Books," The Great Ideas Online, December 2001, Issue 157.

 "Tender Mercies," (a film review) Leaven, Volume 3, Number 1.

 "Viewing the Church of Christ from Jail," Mission Journal, June 1981.

 "What Else is Learned in School?" presentation at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, May 1987.

 Articles Under Revision or Review

 "The Art of Curriculum Development," submited to Jounal of Teacher Education.

 "Childhood Parables," under review by Dan Green.

 "Do The Right Thing," rewrite, Teaching Sociology.

 "The Games Kids Play on Parents," an unpublished companion piece to the article in High School.

 "Leading the Maieutic Seminar" accepted, pending revision "Teaching Philosophy".

 "Parabolic Preaching," under review by Leaven.

 "WASC Acceditation of Our Lady of Malibu School", 1984.



Part of the team that developed a new Language Arts Curriculum, "The Four Phase Language Arts Program," for W.C. Overfelt High School, 1969-1970

Developed and implemented a Reading Program for Vista High School, 1970-1971

Created and ran an Experimental High School for the Rowland Unified School Distract, 1971-1973

Under the general supervision of Dr. Decker Walker and Dr. Elliot Eisner, contributed to "A Practitioner’s Guide to Formulating a Curriculum Development Proposal," Deegan, et. al., for the National Institute of Education, 1973-1974

Worked with the Stanford Workshops on Political and Social Issues (SWOPSI) in creating "A Handbook for Workshop Leaders," for the National Institute for Social Sciences, 1975-1976

Designed and implemented four grants and established a Continuation School for the Cabrillo Unified School District, 1976-1980

  • "Mentally Gifted Minor Program" - State of California
  • "Reading is Fundamental" - Reading is Fundamental Foundation
  • "A High School Advisory Program" - Title IV-C
  • "On Site Work Experience" - Title I (This program included a "Class on Wheels.")
  • "Pilarcitos High School" - as a "necessary small high school" for the Cabrillo Unified School District

Drafted "The Interim Report" for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for Accreditation, Half Moon Bay High School

 Have created, had approved, and taught the following new courses: The Hidden Curriculum; Issues in Sports; A Social Science Perspective on Film; Great Books I, II, III, IV, V; Human Values and Behavior; African-American Films; The Great Books Collegium I & II, 1980-present

Architect of the two-year, General Studies Program, "The Great Books Colloquium," 1985-present

Created, implemented, evaluated the first group of the Dean’s Three-Year Honors Program, 1994-1997

Led the WASC Accreditation review of the Seaver College Single-Subject Waiver Programs, 1983-84

Member of the WASC Accreditation review of Our Lady of Malibu School, 1984

 Dissertation Committee for Miriam Rumjahn, "A Chronicle of the Professional Activities for Ralph Tyler," 1984 and Sam Jackson, "An Investigation of Student Values," 1984

 Member of the WASC Accreditation review of Dorsey High School, 1985

Initiated "Kairos," a cooperative program between Seaver College and Malibu Public Schools, 1985-1986

 Sponsored the Junior Great Books Program at Webster Elementary School, 1986-1988

 Created and directed The Gifted Program for Malibu Park School, 1988-1990

 Member of the Dissertation Committee, William McNabb, "The Developing Capable People," 1990

 Conducted An Evaluation of the Great Books Program, 1996-1997

 Architect of the Film Minor, Seaver College, Fall 2002



 "F" - a book length manuscript detailing my own first year of teaching used in my Curriculum and Methods course

 (With Joe Pohlot) A CD-ROM on Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Reasoning utilizing film clips from "A Man for All Seasons"

 "A Social Science Perspective on Film," - an electronic film journal on the Web (

 "Conflicting Conceptions of Curriculum" - a video created in the Pepperdine studio that uses film clips in conjunction with Eisner’s conceptions of curriculum

 "Getting Reel" - published by Kristine Kantke for use in the course,  "A Social Science Perspective on Film"

 "Reel Values" - published by JoDeann Osgood for use in the course, "A Social Science Perspective on Film"

 "Heuristic Pilgrimages" - a publication for International Programs that promotes cultural trips in and outside of London

 "Teaching Great Books" an electronic journal for professors of Great Books,

 "" An extensive website for service to students and alumni

 "" Designed with Bob Escudero as the website for the history of the Westside Church of Christ

 "Chaplaincy website" Created with Leighton Cowart and in conjunction with the Westside Church of Christ

On the founding team of the Spiritas Awards



Director of Secondary Education, 1980-1986
Division Chair of the Social Science/Teacher Education Division,1986-1991
Director of the Dean’s Three-Year Honors Program, 1994-1997

 Major Committees

Teacher Education Committee, 1980-present
Chair of the Faculty Enrichment Committee, 1984-1985
Rank, Tenure, Promotion Committee, 1984-1985
Chair of the Teaching/Learning Committee, 1996-1997


The faculty participant that secured the Fletcher Jones Foundation Grant for the Great Books Chair

The liaison with Westside Church of Christ for the establishment of the Hirosuke Ishiguro Westside Scholarship

The Seaver College liaison with the City of Angels Film Festival


 John Wilson
Professor of Religion
Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA 90263

(310) 456-4281


David Baird, Howard A. White Professor of History
Dean of Seaver College
Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA 90263

(310) 456-4225


Robert Sexton, Professor of Economics
Social Science Division
Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA 90263

(310) 456-4345


John Watson, Professor of Education
Director of Athletics
Humanities/Teacher Education Division
Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA 90263

(310) 456-4775


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