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Ken Waters

Ken Waters received his Ph.D. in communication from the University of Southern California. He holds M.A. degrees in communication and religion from Pepperdine University. He received his B.A. degrees in journalism and history from Pepperdine. Waters' doctoral dissertation looks at the factors making for success and/or failure in four religious magazines published during the l970s. He is actively involved in research in the areas of journalism history, international nonprofit agency communication and media news coverage of international events.

As a Pepperdine undergraduate he served as editor of the Graphic Weekly newspaper and the Oasis, the school's magazine. He has also been a magazine editor and public relations executive. Waters served for 10 years as an international journalist, and later as public relations director, for World Vision International. In his role with that agency he filed news stories and photos from some 20 countries and instituted communication training programs for Third World nationals. He is still a contributor to specialized publications such as Christianity Today.

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