So you're a Pepperdine student living in Southern California for four years.
What are some of the things you should do before you graduate and move away?
Here are a few of my thoughts.
Music, Live Stage, Art.   One of the world's great orchestra's, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, performs during the school year at one of the world's finest concert halls, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and during the summer at one of the world's most iconic venues of any kind, the Hollywood Bowl. I organize a class trip each semester, so if you are a student of mine, look for the info on our trip to the symphony.

Food. Definitely my favorite category in this list of favorites. More to come when I have time.

Movie theaters.   Not surprisingly, Hollywood and the surrounding areas have some of the world's most amazing movie theaters. All of the theaters listed have very beautifully detailed and ornate old Hollywood interiors (except the Cinerama Dome, which is all about the size).

  • The Cinerama Dome at the Hollywood Arclight Theater. Huge screen, amazing sound, and plenty of history, and real butter on their popcorn also. This is like the first-class version of going to a movie.   Showtimes for the Dome.
  • The Vintage Vista Theater. Lots of history in the theater, tons of legroom (every other row of seats has been removed), great popcorn, and cheap tickets. How do they stay in business with what they offer? There are three other Vintage theaters as well. There's also a good Italian restaurant across the street.   Showtimes for the Vista.
  • Graumann's Chinese Theater. There is probably no more historic theater than this one, including hand/foot prints of many old and current stars. "Star Wars" premiered here and Harry, Ron and Hermione all have their hand, feet and wand prints here as well. The bonus is that it is an active theater, still showing current films, with huge screen and great sound. Next door is the Hollywood and Highland (where the Oscars are held each spring). I like to get some food at the Johnny Rockets there before the movie. The Chinese Theater has a lesser known sister theater, the Egyptian Theater, which occasionally shows older films, as does another sister theater, the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. Showtimes for the Chinese Theater.
  • Disney's flagship theater, the El Capitan Theater, also has alot of history to it, and happens to be directly across the street from the Chinese Theater. It's a really gorgeous theater inside.   Showtimes for the El Capitan.
  • The Motion Picture Academy also screens old films, mostly in the summer, at both of their two indoor theaters and a new outdoor theater, which is like a drive-in but without the car. Check out upcoming events at the above link (they tend not to update it often or too far in advance of events--put yourself on their email list for more regular information).




Do you have favorite things to do or places to eat in Southern California? Let me know so I can check it out.

And no matter where you live, make the world a better place because you were in it today.