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Christopher Heard’s
Research Projects

Projects in Progress

Genesis 1–21 through the Centuries. Blackwell Bible Commentaries. Manuscript due to the editor on September 1, 2011.

Review of Tryggve Mettinger, The Eden Narrative: A Literary and Religio-historical Study of Genesis 2–3 (Eisenbrauns, 2007).

“What Does the Mob Want Lot to Do in Genesis 19:9?” Forthcoming in Hebrew Studies. Manuscript undergoing final revisions.

“Penitent to a Fault.” Forthcoming in The Fate of King David: The Past and Present of a Biblical Icon (ed. Tod Linafelt, Claudia V. Camp, and Timothy Beal; T&T Clark, 2010). Galley proofs under review.

“Digitizing the Introductory Hebrew Bible Classroom.” BibleTech:2010, San Jose, California, March 2010.

Recently Completed

“Babel-ing On: Reflections on Writing the Reception History of Genesis 11.” Presidential address at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature/Pacific Coast Region, Tempe, Arizona, March 2010.